Residential Geothermal Drilling

Residential Geothermal Drilling
geodrillResidential geothermal projects are typically completed with one drilling rig and crew. Our experts will work with your heating contractor to select the proper method and location of drilling to complete your geothermal system. Most bore holes are 6-inch diameter and are approximately 300 feet total depth.

Geothermal Loop Installations
As soon as the bore hole drilling is completed, trained crews install the HDPE loop into the bore. The loops are grouted into place to provide the maximum efficiency for energy transfer. Certified pipe fusion technicians can also connect the vertical loop piping to the later pipes to complete the exterior piping system.

Lateral Pipe Installation
After the drilling and loop installations are completed, our trained crews can fusionalso provide the lateral pipe installations from the well field to inside of the foundation wall. Certified fusion pipe fitters will ensure a quality installation. Once inside the building wall, your HVAC contractor can complete the necessary equipment to complete the system..

HDPE Pipe Fusion
DHPE (high density polyethylene pipe) connections are completed using a heat fusion process. Our crews are certified in pipe fusion to ensure a quality installation

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Dave Wetzel and Mike Kohler
Work with your heating contractor to install the most efficient Geothermal connection possible

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