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No longer just a soils rig!

Environmental Services
7822DT machine running down hole hammer for installation of 2" PVC monitoring wells. This was a small downtown site with barely enough room for the Geoprobe. The work scope required collection of soil samples as well as installation of numerous monitoring wells. The entire job was completed with one machine in one mobilization with the 7822DT Geoprobe.

Cathodic Anode Installation

Commercial Services
Pipeline corrosion protection a growing business. Careful and proper protection of piping is important and Eichelbergers is your one contractor for all of those needs. We do it all from Drilling, Trenching Installation, Wiring and finally restoration when the job is complete

Whatever it takes

Commercial Services
When you have a project with a deadline you need a company and a crew willing to do whatever it takes to complete the job.

Air tracking with an auger rig

Our versatile track rigs can go many places. In this instance the rig is nearly hidden in a corn field performing air tracking. This is basically using the auger to drill 5" holes to identify rock for planned piping installations.

Eichelbergers has been servicing the area since 1946 with Well Drilling and water services


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