We maintain a large and diverse fleet of equipment specifically maintained to keep pace with our customers needs. Listed below is our most current equipment list which is updated and improved regularly to ensure reliability and keep pace with improving technologies and our customers needs.

12 Air Rotary Rigs

1Foremost DR24
1 Versa-Drill V-2000NG
6 Atlas Copco/IR T4W
1 Gill Beetle Air Rotary Drill
1 Ingersoll Rand T3W
2 Schramm 450WS

2 Auxiliary Air Compressors
2 Sullair Compressor 1150 CFM

2 Cable Tool Rigs
1 Bucyrus Erie 22W
1 Stone Rig Model 31

5 Direct Push Units
1 6620DT Track Mounted Geoprobe
1 54DT Track Mounted Geoprobe
3 7822DT Track Mounted Geoprobe

20 Grouters
2 Custom Built Grouter
6 Walnut Grove Grouter
1 R-2 Grouter
6 Rosewall Grouter
1 Geoprobe gs1000 Grouter
1 Acker Truck Mounted Grouter
1 Chem Grouter
1 DSI Grouter II
1 Geo-Loop Model 50-500 Grouter

7 Hollow Stem Auger Rigs
1 CME 55LC Auger Drill
4 Diedrich D-50 Turbo Plus Auger Drill
1 Deidrich D120
1 Acker Rebel

5 Pump Hoists
3 Smeal 6T Pump Hoists
1 Cyclone Pump Hoists
1 Semco S12000 Pump Hoist

2 Vacuum Excavation Units
2 Vacmaster 4000 Vacuum Excavation Unit

21 Pressure Washers
14 Rig Tenders
1 Mud Processing System
1 Hydrofrac Unit

Statement of Qualifications

Eichelbergers is proud to announce that we are now a licensed driller in the District of Columbia. The DC license adds to our extensive list of drilling
licenses throughout northeastern United States.
Pennsylvania & Chester County
West Virginia
New York
New Jersey
***District of Columbia***