Commercial Municipal Drilling Services

Pump Installation
Our residential pump installation crews install hundreds of pumps every year, their experience ensurres years of trouble free service from your water system
Hydrofracing uses water pumped at very high pressure to flush and fracture the formations in your well to improve well yield.
Air Rotary Drilling
Air rotary drilling is the standard for well constructions. Drill rigs are available in a variety of sizes to meet the specific needs of each project. Percussion hammer and direct rotary drilling are available in a variety of sizes ranging up to 24-inch diameter. With a fleet of 26 rigs we can provide multiple rigs at a site to expedite the completion of large scale projects.
Well Rehabilitation
We offer well rehabilitation techniques for both water supply wells and remediation extraction wells. Our methods include chemical treatments, mechanical surging, bailing and brushing. A well bore video camera inspection is recommended to assist with selecting the most effective well rehabilitation method.
Well Video Service
Bore hole video inspection includes a color picture, continuous on screen footage, and both a transverse and longitudinal view of the bore hole. Common uses include documentation of existing wells and diagnostic use for problematic wells. A DVD copy of each video is provided to the customers.
Simultaneous Casing Advancement
Simultaneous casing advancement allows the casing to be advanced with the drilling tools. This technology allows the bore hole to be advanced through unstable geologic conditions. The advanced casing string also helps to minimize the intermingling of water from several different aquifers. Systems are available in sizes ranging from 6-inch through 18-inch diameter.

Pennsylvania & Chester County, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Ohio
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