Marcellus & Utica Shale Services

Frac Water Supply Wells
We offer water well drilling for sources of frac water supply. Small diameter exploratory wells or large diameter permanent wells can be drilled to obtain the water for the frac process, eliminating costly trucking expenses. We also offer well performance testing and permanent well pump/pipe/controls installations.
Deep Fresh Water Contact
Exploratory wells are drilled, cased and grouted on or close to the individual pad site locations for deep fresh water contact identification. Low flow sampling can be provided with pump installations designed to target specific water bearing zones and collect samples for water quality analysis.
Monitoring Wells
Monitoring wells are installed to establish base line data for both water quality and water level monitoring in the area prior to gas well drilling. Monitoring wells are also installed in response to spills, releases, or other ground water impact occurrences to investigate and identify the presence or extent of a possible impact. Experience Includes both open rock and screened well construction in shallow overburden and deep bedrock geology.
Replacement Wells
It is sometimes necessary to drill a replacement well if an existing well is impacted during a construction project. We offer decades of experience in the drilling and testing of both public water supply wells and residential wells. Our service includes turnkey pump and water system installations following the completion of the well drilling process.
Cathodic protection
Cathodic protection for pipe line infrastructure is provided with the installation of deep ground bed anodes. The corrosion protection system is installed by drilling a deep bore hole, installing sacrificial anodes within the bore, and then backfilling the bore with coke breeze.
Conductor Pipes
Our service includes drilling and installation of the conductor pipe prior to mobilizing the deep gas well rig to the site. Dual Rotary drilling technology is used to overcome challenging overburden conditions, and minimize the annular space in rock drilling conditions. Conductor pipe sizes typically range from 20-inch to 24-inch diameter

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