Resources, Manpower, Experience

EnvironmentalOver the decades, we’ve worked to protect and preserve our nation’s precious natural resources while utilizing them effectively and efficiently. We have the drilling, sampling, testing, installation, and remediation expertise necessary to help our clients identify and definitively remediate their subsurface environmental problems. While safeguarding the environment is a constant priority on all of our projects, we take particular pride in resolving environmental challenges both for the benefit of our clients and for the continued protection of the groundwater supply. We always stay up to date on the latest techniques and te Air Rotary Drilling.

13 Air Rotary Rigs

  • Percussion hammer and direct rotary drilling up to 24 inches in diameter
  • Simultaneous casing advancement systems up to 18 inches diameter.
  • Mud rotary drilling up to Env drill24 inches in diameter.
  • Mud processing system
  • Auxiliary air compressor for large diameter deep hole work
  • All terrain / low clearance drilling?

8 Hollow Stem Auger Rigs

  • 2.25” ID through 8.25” ID augers
  • NQ, HQ & PQ wireline rock coring.
  • Auger / Air Rotary combo
  • Automatic drop hammers on all rigs for safe / efficient. SPT split spoon sampling
  • All terrain / low clearance drilling.

5 Direct Push Geoprobe® Rigs

  • All rubber track mounted units.
  • Capabilities include direct push Hollow stem auger, Air Rotary, Mud rotary, Wireline coring.
  • Discrete soil sampling and water sampling.
  • Dual tube soil sampling systems
  • Remedial chemical injections and soil vapor sampling.

3 Vacuum Excavation / Air Knife Units

  • Safely and accurately clear proposed bore location before drilling.
  • Daylight and identify unknown objects or utilities?

Types Of Wells Installed
Monitoring, recovery,  injection,  air sparge, vapor extraction,  Dewatering,  Construction, Cathodic protection

Other Services
Packer testing, test pits, cable tool drilling, well abandonment, well development, well rehabilitation. Pump/yield testing hydro fracking, high pressure injection piping and trenching, and specialty services.


Statement of Qualifications

Pennsylvania & Chester County, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Ohio
***District of Columbia***